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Business philosophy

Business philosophy

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Strategic approach:
Leading one step, leading step by step, striving to build a harmonious and economical enterprise
Development Goals:
Create an international brand, cast a hundred years Huafeng
Management philosophy:
People-oriented, integrity management
Company culture:
Pragmatic and enterprising, professional and harmonious
Style of working:
Nothing is too big, try to be perfect
Employee rules:
Compliance with laws, gratitude and dedication, filial piety, and loyalty to the enterprise;
Do things with heart, be practical, save honesty and be good at learning;
Quality Management Policy:
Strict, rigorous and serious treatment of products;
Quality, preferential, priority to meet customers;
Enterprise management requirements:
Work on a job basis, in accordance with regulations, and performance assessment;
The company has sentimental management, ruthless management, and unrequited assessment;