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PS version of developing drugs


Developing potion

Keywords: aluminum alloy materials


"Huafeng" brand PS version of developing drugs instructions:
1. Product performance: It is suitable for the development of imported and domestically produced various positive image PS plates. It has fast development speed, stable performance, clean layout after development and rinsing, and good dot reduction.
2, the use of: concentrate: water volume = 1: 6-1: 8
Manual development can be made up of 1:8, while the machine can be configured to 1:6 or:7.
3, development time: 30 seconds
4, development temperature: (23 ± 2) °C temperature is not easy to be too high, otherwise it will reduce the reduction of the version of the subnet point; if the temperature is too low, the development is not transparent, easy to dirty.
5, storage conditions: at 5 ° C -30 ° C
Huafeng PS, CTcP, CTP version recommended special development drugs