The companies in the water reuse project through completion and acceptance



  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Economic Development Zone environmental protection branch, Shapingba environmental monitoring, Environmental Sanitation Department, Economic Development Zone, Nanan District Sanitation Department, the crack group of environmental companies in the acceptance on the 12th of this month the water company Back to the completion and acceptance by the project.
  Acceptance Group heard a business project implementation, process route, economic, social and other aspects of reporting and monitoring results of the introduction, check the site conditions and system operation, and effect of the project implementation process was very satisfied with the full recognition of the quality effect and the social benefits that the project is to practice the scientific concept of development of a concrete result of the national low-carbon economy, energy conservation policy. System facilities run well advanced process route, there are good economic and social benefits of outstanding unanimously approved the project acceptance.
  Acceptance of the day, the official water for road washing, green water, and gradually play a social benefit.