Our host "Contract Law" course



  June 20 morning, I invite the Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Economic Development Zone Trade and Industry Branch of the Division I business of the officer personnel, procurement and management staff conducted a half-day "contract law" training, the king of snow to open the Central Branch Vice Secretary attended a speech. Zhou Kechang Economic Development Zone Contracts Section, Office of the Director Xu and his brother more than 70 units participated in the training.
  Teacher training in the basic content of the contract, standard contract management and risk prevention contract made detailed explanations, and lists a large number of cases, training personnel on the training results generally reflect the good. improve the legal awareness of trainees and the "integrity" of consciousness, Chairman participated in the training and speech, calling on the company's business activities to uphold the "integrity management" strict enforcement of contract law to promote the development of the company.